Dark Towers and dark nights

“Long days and pleasant nights!” The past few days have been a whirlwind of family and memories.  We’ve loved every minute of it!  Having spent the past two weeks under skies in four states, I’ve been taken with the majesty of this planet.  Stars are awesome and so are different ecosystems. We started the trip […]

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“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”  -Benjamin Franklin Ballers, all of them.

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Ouch: Dealing with Failure

Today, I had a bit of a gut-check.  One of the affiliate programs we’re trying to get going here rejected our application.  An affiliate program is typically a way for websites to earn money based on referrals to other sites.  The primary reason was due to a lack of original content, which is understandable; we’ve […]

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The Urban Farmer: A Review

Disclaimer:  I am idiot.  Just because I find this book interesting and useful, that doesn’t mean you will.   There’s something deeply satisfying to me about growing vegetables.  I love the smell of dirt, the feel a garden has to it.  It’s exciting to watch a little tiny seed sprout, get started and then produce […]

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Stevia: A Review

Disclaimer:  I’m an idiot with a garden, not an expert.  I try stuff that may be hazardous to your health and may not make sense in your context.  I am simply sharing my experience for you to consider and do you what you want with.   This plant is awesome.  I discovered it at my […]

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