Ouch: Dealing with Failure

Today, I had a bit of a gut-check.  One of the affiliate programs we’re trying to get going here rejected our application.  An affiliate program is typically a way for websites to earn money based on referrals to other sites.  The primary reason was due to a lack of original content, which is understandable; we’ve […]

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The Urban Farmer: A Review

Disclaimer:  I am idiot.  Just because I find this book interesting and useful, that doesn’t mean you will.   There’s something deeply satisfying to me about growing vegetables.  I love the smell of dirt, the feel a garden has to it.  It’s exciting to watch a little tiny seed sprout, get started and then produce […]

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Stevia: A Review

Disclaimer:  I’m an idiot with a garden, not an expert.  I try stuff that may be hazardous to your health and may not make sense in your context.  I am simply sharing my experience for you to consider and do you what you want with.   This plant is awesome.  I discovered it at my […]

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For years, I have heard that growing plants from groceries wasn’t possible.  Typically, the argument related to a process of irradiating the fruit or vegetable in order to kill pests.  This would then render the seed inert.  Well, if you know me, you know I tend to go ahead and try things that others say […]

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Grass-Fed Beef

Disclaimer:  I’m not a nutritionist or expert.  I’m just an idiot sharing what I’ve done.  Do what you want with this information. Recently, I watched the movie Food, Inc.  This wasn’t my first time watching it; I watch it every year.  Yet, everytime I see it, I am reminded of how broken the North American […]

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