Howdy, y’all!  As you’ve probably figured out by now, this is site by and about two idiot brothers.  So who are these idiots, anyway?  Well, let’s introduce ourselves.

Adam is the older and smarter of the idiots.  He is a husband of one and father of four.  When he’s not spending time doing Crossfit with his wife or in the garden with his kids, he teaches history for a public high school.  He hopes one day to make it big on Teaching Center.  Currently, he lives in Nevada, a hot and dry place that has many beautiful locations, if you know where to look.  Additionally, he likes to read books on pretty much anything and play video games that have to do with alien invasions.  Podcasts are one of his favorite things and this site is, in large part, the consequence of listening to them.  Someday, he plans to start a farm, maybe even a celery farm.  Will he make it?  Perhaps!  Idiots can do great things too.

Matt is the younger and better looking of the two. He is a recent college graduate with a degree in public administration, which naturally means he’s an expert in TPS reports,”Yeah…”(Office Space) He’s also a former Marine Infantryman, with the strange humor to match. He has several certifications in first aid and fancies himself quite the hobbyist in regards to the field. A one time winner of the prestigious Broken Ribs award in Krav Maga and voted “most likely to eat glue.”  He lives in Texas and actually works for a Parks Department. He was once quoted as being “supremely disappointed that they did not have access to a ‘Lil’ Sebastian’” (Parks and Recreation). He plans to one day work for an NGO working on water purification projects abroad.

In addition to these two idiots, non-idiots, like Adam’s wife Jamie, may stop by from time to time.  They will share their thoughts on different topics we are covering.  After all, it’s good to get a second or third opinion on a matter.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!  Please leave us a comment or something.