Suicide Sucks

I’ve been a teacher for almost six years, including my time as a long-term substitute teacher.  I have come in contact with over 1000 children during that time.  On average, 1 dies per year, sometimes more and sometimes less.  It always sucks.  Every. Damn.  Time.  These are little people that matter.  And they’re gone.  Twice that has been due to a self-inflicted gunshot.  I’ve lost two this week.

There are things I will not say online or in person, details that I will not reveal.  However, after spending 180 days with a person, learning about his or her death kills you inside too.  It’s hard not to become numb, to wake up each day and go for the ones that are still here.  But you do it.  As best you can, you go for it, trying to connect and help these guys get through the day.  God knows that they have a tough row to hoe.

For the kids that need it, know there are plenty of adults that give a crap.  We want to you to win, to grow, to breathe free.  Reach out.

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