Listen Up, Youngsters

So I’m sitting here enjoying a nice vegetable frittata.  It’s cheap, delicious, and I guess nutritious.  While I’m eating, I’m looking at seeds for my fall garden.  NE Seeds is my new favorite provider.  I can pick up a 1/4 pound of seeds for the same price as a much smaller packet from other sites.  This makes it way easier to get lots of stuff in the ground this fall.  I’m using a wide row method that was recommended in an old book my grandpa gave me.  The book is called The Joy of Gardening by Dick Raymond.

It was written in the 70s, but it’s prescient.  The dude gives some great ideas on how to plan your garden from salad-size on up to year-round production.  Additionally, he helps you maximize your output using a combination of many types of veggies in a small area.  He also provides plans for preserving the harvest.  It’s really neat to see the relevance of older knowledge in my garden today.

One thought on “Listen Up, Youngsters

  1. BINGO! I learned with the 1967 edition of the Sunset – Western Garden Book. I was looking through all the pictures before I learned to read. When I studied horticulture in school, I ‘graduated’ to the 1985 version, but it was not any better. I now have copies from various years, and I find that the newer ones are good for the modern cultivars that were not around more than a few years ago, but the older ones are more practical and better written.


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