ID Notify

This morning, I looked at my Google e-mails and noticed that I had received an e-mail from ID Notify, an ID monitoring service.  Since the Equifax hack a little while ago, I’ve been wondering when or if this would happen.  To be honest though, I’ve tried to push it out of my mind since I first heard the news.  This is mostly due to a sense of busyness.  There are other things to do and I’m not sure what this case of ID theft will impact, if anything.

Interestingly, when I logged into WordPress, I noticed a prompt relating to fraud.  It’s probably coincidental.  However, in a time that the ads are adjust based on browsing history, there’s a slight tinge of suspicion.  Are WordPress and Google executives colluding in a backroom?  Maybe so.  It doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility, but I don’t have any evidence.  This is a conversation I have with my students often.  They need evidence if they are going to hitch themselves to an aluminum foil headgear destiny.  Moreover, I don’t know if I care.  A guy could go crazy thinking of all the ways that his personal information could be used against him.  And with daily fear-mongering bouncing about in the news and on the Twitterverse, I’ve got better things to do.  Maybe blockchain technology will one day help alleviate this online ID fraud nonsene.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get around to logging into the ID Notify and figure out what boat I supposedly help finance.  I just have to remember the password first.

via Daily Prompt: Fraud

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