Dark Towers and dark nights

“Long days and pleasant nights!”

The past few days have been a whirlwind of family and memories.  We’ve loved every minute of it!  Having spent the past two weeks under skies in four states, I’ve been taken with the majesty of this planet.  Stars are awesome and so are different ecosystems.

We started the trip in the driest portion of the US and currently are in its polar opposite.  I left Nevada in 117 degrees of heat and arrived in Florida with 94 degrees. Today, I saw two gators, three this trip.  It’s been awesome for my kids to get out and enjoy the world.  Travel as long as you can!  Build memories.  Broaden your horizons.  Live big!

If you can’t travel, buy a book.  I just finished the Dark Tower, Book 1.  I recommend it, if only for the foreword.  King’s take on being 19 is priceless.  Life cuts you down for o size and the bigger you are to begin with, the more you have left after it’s done.  

So stay thirsty, my friends.  Long days and pleasant nights!

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