Stevia: A Review

Disclaimer:  I’m an idiot with a garden, not an expert.  I try stuff that may be hazardous to your health and may not make sense in your context.  I am simply sharing my experience for you to consider and do you what you want with.  

This plant is awesome.  I discovered it at my local nursery a few years ago and have added to each garden I’ve created.  Many people have heard of stevia as a sugar substitute, which it does really well.  Normally, you find it in a powdered form alongside the sugar packets at a restaurant.  It has a slightly different flavor, but it’s very sweet with no calories and can be great for diabetics.

Rather than using stevia in baking, I find that it works best for me in teas.  In addition to stevia, I grow my own mint, lemon balm, and chamomile.  I just take some leaves, rinse them, and toss them into a sun tea jar.  If I’m feeling like it, I’ll add some lemon or cucumber.  After a couple of hours, the tea tastes really good on ice.

So taking care of stevia plant isn’t that hard, even in a desert.  Honestly, my garden feels more like terraforming than gardening somedays.  I’ve not noticed any pest issues yet.  It seems to do fine surrounded by some arugala.  It gets plenty of sun too.

One thing I like about stevia is that it is a perennial.  Perennials are plants that come back each year.  So if it’s bought once and survives the winter, it’ll stick around for a few years.  This is an awesome benefit, especially for someone like me.  Stevia’s cool.

7 thoughts on “Stevia: A Review

  1. That’s awesome, I didn’t know stevia would be so easy to go. My mom uses it often because she’s diabetic; I’ll mention this to her!


    1. Very cool! I’m glad you found this useful. Stevia can be a little difficult to track down. I found some at my local nursery, but couldn’t find any in my parents’ town. Online can be a good option. She may also want to look into ways to prepare it to her liking. I hope she finds success!


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