Father’s Day

So today is Father’s Day.  This is my sixth one on the “Dad side”.  Four kids later, I don’t remember much of my former life.  The picture above is one of the day I made the transition.  I love being a dad.  It’s tempered me and helped me grow up, a lot.

As I sit here on this Father’s Day, I think about my dad.  It was funny; he actually called me first today and we said, “Happy Father’s Day” to each other.  We laughed and I remembered something; in many ways, a lot of who I am came from dad.  I’ve always known that, but as an adult, I recognize now that I am my father’s son.  I am glad to be so.

Here’s a few things I received from my dad:

  1. The ability to talk to and be on friendly terms with pretty much anybody.
  2. An awareness of risk and the desire minimize it.
  3. An element of silliness, which helps when working with kids.
  4. A “figure-it-out” attitude
  5. A model of how to love my wife and kids

There’s a lot more that he gave me too.  A few years ago, my dad was let go from his 19 year, successful career in corporate sales.  I think they were just looking for a younger and less-expensive model.  That didn’t stop him.  He retooled his skills and is now a great elementary school teacher.  The man just won’t stay down and gets up with a smile.  I respect that most about him.

This song came out about 10 years ago.  When I first heard it, I thought of my dad.  It’s a way happier take on fatherhood than Arthur Miller’s book.

So in the words of Yellowcard, “Now I’m older, I want to be the same as you.”

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Having had the opportunity to get to know your dad, I can attest to everything you shared. He is a man of honor and integrity and it has been a privilege to have fellowship with him and your awesome family.

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