A lot of people think rural Nevada is just a big litter box.  It’s dry, dusty, and if you walk around in the desert, you’ll find a lot of crap that should be in a landfill.  When I first moved here in 2010, my wife and I were taken aback by the desolate isolation that was our new home.  Growing up in East Texas, I was used to trees, grass, and magic sky water.  I was used to needing a poncho and lawnmower.  So this was a big change, one that I didn’t like at first.

That said, Nevada has a lot of natural beauty.  While the sun can fry you like an egg, it also does something awesome with the mountains when it rises and sets.  A full moon is pretty awesome when nothing blocks your view.  I’ll add the stars at night can be bigger and brighter than they ever were in Texas.  I’ve seen canyons that are pretty grand and mountains with deep lakes and sandy beaches.  The point is, it’s got a lot of things going for it.

It’s important to note though that it’s the people that make a place worth being.  Nevadans are great people.  I’m not running for office, I promise, at least not today.  Most of the ones I’ve met are friendly, helpful, and hardy folks.  I think that’s why we’re still here.  I’ve become increasingly less concerned with what other people are doing in their own lives these days.  That’s part of what I really like about this place.  There tends to be an attitude of letting people live their own lives and a respect for their privacy.  Maybe it’s the desert, the remoteness, or the need to take care of yourself that was necessary to make it out here.

Additionally, this is the place I’ve spent the longest time as an adult.  I may have grown up in the Great State, but this is the place I really became a grown up.  My career started here.  Three of my kids were born here.  I learned to grow food and paid off debts here.  I’ve made friends and lost them, broken and healed bones.  It’s kind of funny, I guess.  I want rain, trees, and the like, but I wouldn’t trade these experiences for those things.

So yeah, it may lack sky water, green grass, and readily accessible forests and I will always have a Texas flag on my wall.  Nevada’s a great place to be for now though.


6 thoughts on “Nevada

  1. This was written quite eloquently sir. I’m glad that you are surrounded by beauty and that Nevada has opened your world! It’s a beautiful place, full of interesting things and people. But what about Colorado? There are quite a few trees, mountains and people hiding
    in them. Plus, it’s closer to Texas 😄 Would you ever consider moving to Colorado?

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  2. Well said sir. Like trees, we put down roots wherever we may be planted and through time we become one with that soil. Each place becomes a part of us in some way and we carry it with us. “I am a part of all that I have met, yet all experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades
    for ever and for ever when I move”.

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