Prepping the Coffee

Coffee is an important part of our morning ritual.  Every morning, my wife and I are woken up by the sun, a son, or the dog well before the alarm goes off.  We don’t have one of those fancy timer coffee makers.  This means, of course, one of us has to get up and activate the brewer of morning nectar.  When we set up the coffee in the evening before, it’s not so bad.  It’s just stumbling through the hallway to the kitchen and pushing a button.  When we don’t, well, that’s an early morning battle of wills.

There’s a life lesson in that.  Planning ahead and preparing for the future isn’t just smart, it reduces unnecessary conflict.  Conflict can and often is a good thing.  It gives many people a shot at being honest and “balancing the books” emotionally.  That said, sometimes conflict isn’t necessary and it’s just the outcome of poor planning or preparation.  Honestly, many problems, minor and major, could easily be avoided with foresight.

Now, I don’t see us checking in for marriage counseling anytime, but I know that when I choose to not to prep the coffee, I’m setting my wife and I up for some early morning stress.  So guess what I’m adding to my nightly ritual?  That’s right, prepping the coffee, at least until I buy one of those fancy timer coffee makers.


4 thoughts on “Prepping the Coffee

  1. You’re a wise man Adam. While our (not so fancy) coffee pot, with a timer, goes off at 4:50 every morning, I can see how this applies to other areas of our marriage. A small amount of preparation can reduce a huge amount of stress over time. Thanks for this thought provoking post!

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