I hate lunges.  
Last night, the Crossfit box I attend included weighted lunges in the workout. For those of you that don’t know, a lunge is stepping forward with one leg while allowing the opposite leg to descend until the touches the ground; you then bring the forward leg back and stand up. A weighted, or in this case kettlebell lunge, involves holding a weight awkwardly in your chest while doing the lunge. It’s a slow, repetitive movement that involves a lot of stamina and I’m more of a strength guy. 

There are multiple reasons why I hated the lunges, but the main one was that I find them challenging. I like doing things that I am good at. It feels good. As I drug my sweaty body off the floor, I knew that I had gotten my butt kicked by that workout and not in a good way. Those lunges reminded me of something though. I’m not good at everything I do.  

For me, it’s hard to accept that statement. It’s truth though.  

Speaking of truth, I hate lunges.

3 thoughts on “Lunges 

  1. Upon the insistence of one of the idiots.

    I am in full agreement, if only my problem was just stamina.

    I also have a much easier time stepping forward rather than back, much more control and less fear my knee will quit.

    I too, hate lunges.

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    1. Tongue sticking out person, thank you for sharing! The stepping back can be quite awkward. I always feel like I’m going to twist an ankle. The cool thing is I haven’t yet.

      Let us not give up on this thing we hate. One day, we come to love it. That’s what happened to me with jump roping!

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    2. Thanks for reaching out friend! I can’t say I’m an uber fan of the exercise; but as the saying goes, ” Keep going until the heartbeat in your ears drowns out the sound of your own crying!”. Wise words I repeat while I crawl out of the gym.

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