This here is an introduction to what you can expect from this site.  But first, allow me to provide some background.  Historically, my idiot brother and I have driven our family crazy with long, drawn out and poorly informed conversations.  We have a tendency to overtake our family get-togethers with our loud and opinionated dialog.  While we enjoy talking to each other, we have learned that not everyone enjoys being party to it.

So we found a solution.

A few months ago, my idiot brother and I were chatting about getting into the whole “internet thing”.  We decided that it would be fun to create a podcast and blog where we could share our diverse interests with the world.  From that conversation, “The Two Idiot Brothers” concept was born.  We intend to use this site to provide blog posts and, eventually, a podcast for you!

Over the coming weeks and months, expect us to cover topics such as:

  • Trade schools v. Universities
  • Is a Bachelors enough?
  • Online grocery services
  • Apartment Gardens what is possible?
  • Home irrigation systems for home gardens.
  • Types of gardens that work best per home size.
  • Legality of rainwater collection.
  • What level of fitness should be expected of a population?
  • Veterans turned politicians.
  • Genocide, how much does the international community really care?
  • Cryptocurrency

So, yes, we have a fairly wide variety of topics.  Yes, we don’t claim to have the best answers or information.  But we’re going to try and reason through some of these issues.  Yes, if you don’t like what we’re saying, just check the title of the website.  If you do like what we’re saying, well, then may God have mercy on your soul.


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